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  • floats in the air
  • no electric power required…
  • handmade of Slovenian wood
  • permitted to come into contact with food
  • holds up to 500 g

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Type of wood:



bowl:  140 x  72 mm

base: 140 x 140 mm


The bowl is a wooden dish, floating in the air. The design is simple and elegant, further enhanced by the texture of wood. It is surface-treated with natural oil, permitted to come into contact with food. You can keep sweets, biscuits, nuts or promotional material in it. It consists of a bowl and its base, connected with a monofilament line. It can be used for decorating both private homes and business premises, hotels, cafés, restaurants and the like, as well for gifts.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 170 × 170 × 135 cm


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